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From cavity prevention to crown and bridges, keep your smile bright with our expert oral hygiene solutions.

Dr. Simon Hans
Dental Surgeon

Our Medical Services

We strive to provide superior oral care while keeping you comfortable throughout.
Here are just a few of the services we offer.
NYNS - Cleaning (1)
NYNS - Cleaning


The best way to prevent tooth decay is by practicing good oral hygiene. At New York New Smiles, we offer professional cleaning services that keep your teeth healthy.

NYNS - Fillings (1)
NYNS - Fillings


Teeth cavities are painful. If left untreated, they will only get worse. We offer porcelain fillings that last up to 15 years, keeping your mouth pain-free.

NYNS - Whitening (1)
NYNS - Whitening


Love of wine, coffee, and tea? Your teeth are at risk of staining. With New York New Smiles whitening services, your teeth will appear untouched by merlot.

NYNS - Implants


We know that you don’t want gaps in your otherwise bright smile. That’s why we offer high-quality implants that mimic the natural appearance of teeth.

NYNS - Crown and Bridges

Crown & Bridges

Visibility decaying teeth can cause pain and self-consciousness. At New York New Smiles, we provide custom-fitted crowns & bridges to correct the appearance of broken teeth.

NYNS - Extractions


There are many causes to get a tooth extracted, from crowded teeth to painful decay. Whatever the reason, we work to make extractions as comfortable as possible.

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Dr. Nancy Usbourne
Dental Hygienist

Why New York New Smiles?

Experienced Practitioners

Our practitioners have years of experience in dentistry, so you can be confident your teeth are in safe hands.

Expert Services

Our expert dental care has a proven reputation for high-quality results and services. At New York New Smiles, we strive to provide a superior experience.

Comfortable Environment

In pain? We ensure to look after your every need while going through oral surgery to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

About Us

New York New Smiles is an Albany-based dental practice, providing expert oral hygiene solutions focusing on patient experience. Our professional team has over 50 years’ combined dentistry experience, allowing them to provide excellent oral care. Since its inception, New York New Smiles has helped thousands of patients brighten their smiles and take care of their teeth.

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